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Our focus is to provide qualified personnel with experience in the field to different hotels and restaurants in the city of Miami.


Serve the business sector and each person in search of an employment opportunity to find that juncture to generate a common welfare.

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People who are unemployed often look with desperation an opportunity that might take some time to show; they go through difficult times not only in the search for employment but also worrying about facing the financial responsibilities of everyday. This situation causes anxiety and anguish, even more when you have to provide for your family.
Understanding this difficult situation, Tikva employment agency goal is to bring hope to people who are in such condition and helping those who are in urgent need of employment. We provide assistance in the search for new job to bring economic stability; this is essential for a better quality of life.

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We make a resume with all the labor experience and preparation . This makes your resume more outstanding for a better employment opportunity. A resume is essential for an employment interview which makes the employer see your preparation and experience more detailed.
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We get match your qualification with the right job. Application is always free! Pass by our local office in Miami Beach.