Our Founder’s Letter

Seeking for employment generally becomes a difficult task and complicated by not knowing where to go or where to find an opportunity that is needed at the moment.
Web pages offer job opportunities with reduced or complicated information and the majority of cases they are fraud or when people do not fulfill all the requirements they are ignored or eliminated automatically without having an opportunity to demonstrate their capacity, potential and experience.

Several web pages offer employment nowadays and they are looking for personal data then to be used for other purposes even though making people wait for a response that never comes.

Tikva Employment Agency understanding this necessity it’s born with a vision of becoming a facilitator for companies that are seeking for qualified personnel at the same time be a provider for those who need an employment and help them in the searching process to obtain the opportunity you need. We do this in a personalized way, easy, safe and attainable such as employers and prospective employees.

We value the academic preparation but we do not underestimate the experience gained and potential of those who do not have it.

It’s for us a day by day passion that motivates us to be able to serve you. We appreciate the opportunity given and also it’s for us an enormous satisfaction to be able to collaborate such as business sector and the inhabitants of the city of Miami.

Julissa Duc
Founder of Tikva Employment Agency