Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Everyone has their own idiosyncrasy, culture, values and lifestyle which makes them unique.
In Tikva’s employment agency we appreciate the cultural richness and we do not accept any form of discrimination in any of its expressions. Every person has the right to have a worthy employment, a good quality of life and better opportunities for a fulfilling life.

For us, each person is valued regarding his or her level of education. Each individual is more than their physical appearance, skin color, nationality, immigration situation, age or gender.

We believe that God deeply loves every human being and we are called to do the same therefore there is no reason to justify preferential treatment to a selected few.

Every person deserves respect, fair treatment and kindness without any exception, distinction, exclusion or condition.

It is our enormous satisfaction to serve and help everyone who visits us in search of employment and a pleasure to provide support for the opportunity that you are seeking.