1. Search, selection and placement of personnel.
    Hotels and restaurants is a category accurately strict in the city of Miami. Us as an employment agency we are seeking the best labor profiles requested by our clients also providing them with the most qualified professionals in the industry.
  2. Coordinate an appointment with the future employer for a interview.
    Tikva employment agency works arduously to make this process be efficient and rapid. We coordinate with the managers also with the department of human resources of hotels and restaurants an interview with the future employees and we also take care of all details in a careful manner. Tikva is involved in all this process from beginning to end.
  3. Background check.
    We provide detailed information about the employee such as personal references, employment history and criminal record.
  4. Clerical services.
    Our secretarial services are the following: background check, elaboration of documents, presentation letter, reference letter and resume. Elaborating all the necessary paperwork in a professionally manner.
  5. Professional resume  Creation.
    In Tikva employment agency we want no person to have an excuse to not aspirate for the opportunity that their looking for. We make a resume with all the labor experience and preparation. This makes your resume more outstanding for a better employment opportunity. A resume is essential for an employment interview which makes the employer see your preparation and experience more detailed.
  6. Menu Engineering.
    The menu is the most important sales tool in gastronomy. The purpose is to detect which factors are affecting the sales target. Tikva employment agency will like to help you raise your income which can be possible if changes are made. Part of our services is to provide effective advisory. In order for that it could be useful to project your annual profit plan, not only reducing costs but also obtaining the maximum available resources.